1. This is a beta and as such, while security and data protection measures have been taken, these are not as comprehensive as what will be included in the final product.
  2. Beta users should use a password which is unique to the Beta version of mySircles and not the same as any other password they use for other activities.
  3. As with all passwords, username and password details should not be shared with other people.
  4. The data protection and security measures that have been taken are as follows:
    • Data Communcation between the app and server is handled over a trusted Microsoft secure certificate, with a RSA 2048 bit key, over TLS 1.2. We have an ongoing support service from Microsoft who are actively monitoring and maintaining the service. An SSL security report for SSL server can be generated here: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=myscoogle.azurewebsites.net;
    • User credentials are encrypted and stored securely by the backend application;
    • Stored login credentials are valid for 14 days, after which a user will need to re-enter their password; and
    • Users can only access data through our mobile application using a security token generated by supplying our authentication server with their correct username and password. Unauthenticated requests will be automatically rejected. Data is filtered by our application to ensure users only have access to their own data, or data shared with them by virtue of their presence in a mySircles.
  5. User of mySircles beta use the application at their own risk and indemnify mySircles from any issues directly or indirectly related to their use of mySircles beta.