Life Just got Easier for Busy Parents

After moving my family across continents and cities and experiencing the trauma of moving schools 5 times at primary school level, I recognised a major flaw in the systems in place for parents to communicate. There is no consistent and safe way to identify and connect you with the parents in your child’s class. I was inspired to create a solution; now to huge acclaim, an app to empower parents while instantaneously enriching the lives of children.

mySircles was born.

Skip the blog post where I write my heart out, to convince you of the simple fact that a FREE app can really improve your family life and be one of the first to get mySircles.

I ran a successful marketing business for 10 years but nothing prepared me for motherhood. Like a fierce lioness you want to protect your children and give them the very best chance in life and a major part of this is education.

Personally, I wasn’t given the opportunity to reach my potential in school, when I left and went to work I felt I had to work twice as hard to prove myself. A strong education provides the right foundation for everything that follows.

Like every mum, I wanted more for my children.

Sadly though, in my experience I started to see my older daughter was having difficulties which was exasperated by moving schools. It wasn’t academically though; school is where we learn valuable social skills that define our relationships for life. It is also a perfect place to nurture children’s talent through extra-curricular activities.  It broke my heart to watch my daughter struggle to fit in.

I decided to get involved in school life and support my children in building positive relationships with their peers, but to do that I needed to communicate other parents.  Naturally schools have very strict data protection policies so when trying to contact parents, I either had to physically find everyone and get their number (which is hard for a working mum away from the school gates), or turn to social media. Not everyone is on Facebook though and an increasing number of parents are not comfortable using it for safety reasons. Time and time again I would find myself struggling to get even simple things organised and my daughter was suffering as a result.   

Desperate to find a way to help her (and myself), I started to think about the problem logically and after talking to other parents I realised that I wasn’t the only one feeling frustrated and there was a common theme that seemed to be at the heart of every challenge; effective communication.

There needed to be one system that all parents could communicate through, separate to social media and inclusive of everyone.

But there wasn’t one.

So I invented it.

This was two years ago and earlier this year, we were finally able to launch the first version of mySircles to the first school. Now we want to make this revolutionary free app available for parents everywhere. It has been an incredible journey and I have learnt so much. The buzz around the launch is exhilarating, parents are already registering their interest so they can get it first, like these pioneers, you can be at the forefront too.

A Simple Solution For Stressed Parents

How do you communicate with other parents – email, text, Facebook, chat, Whatsapp, Messenger; many parents use a combination of all of these and life can get very confusing. This ad-hoc approach to connecting can make it difficult to remember where a conversation even took place.

Everyone will have a preferred platform and so as people reach out in different ways, we can miss each other entirely. This inconsistency in the way we communicate is causing chaos and up until now we have just accepted this.  In this over-connected culture we live in, we run a greater risk of becoming disconnected.

Missing out on key pieces of information can have a real detrimental impact on your child, whether it be world book day, a club being cancelled or even the scheduling of a test. It makes your heart sink when you realise you have forgotten or missed something for them, you feel like you’ve let them down.

It was experiencing this embarrassment personally that made me realise what was missing. I recognised how much easier life would be if every communication between parents could be done through a single app. No messages would be missed, everyone would know where to find information – no child would come to school in their uniform on World Book Day ever again!

With this communication chaos it’s hard for any parent to stay connected but for those that are working it becomes impossible. When you miss the school gate conversations you have no choice but to rely on the platforms available, but without this daily meeting in person it is challenging to even know who you need to speak to, never-mind what their number/username and preferred platform is

It’s not just the logistics that become difficult, many working parents, me included, have felt left out, almost penalised for working.  It can be very isolating and parents find themselves feeling detached from their child’s school, the other parents and even their child’s education.

This is why when I developed the free app, mySircles, I wanted to make sure that it had features that allowed parents to simply join the class or activity club their child belongs to. Working parents can then stay in the loop and ‘meet’ all the other parents even away from the school gates!

The Antidote to Social Media

Facebook might have 1.94 billion users but people are actually leaving in their millions. Last year 8% left and that number looks set to be bigger in 2017. Those that left have had enough of the trivial popularity contest, fake news and fake lives that social media is awash with. They want to live their lives for real and not through their timeline. The majority of those leaving are over 31 and one of their major concerns is privacy and safeguarding issues, which people become far more acutely aware of once the have kids.

Those that have broken free from the chains of social media (or never chained themselves up in the first place), do face one big disadvantage; they reduce their options for communicating with other parents. Leaving them isolated and potentially missing out on key messages and information.

With this trend away from social media growing, mySircles provides the perfect solution. The communication is simple,  information-based and all in one place. Parents can get to know each other, build relationships and potentially arrange play dates, but without any ego. There are no statuses, no likes, no shares and the platform is safe. The purpose of it is purely to make communication more efficient for the benefit of both the parent and the child.

Connect with Efficiency and Speed

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, panicking about making it to school in time to pick up your little one? Have you ever been sat with your child, pulling each other’s hair out trying to understand the homework? Have you ever suddenly realised it was non-uniform day, too late?

I imagine you have, we all have, we are human. We live very busy and hectic lives and it is hard to keep up with your child’s heavy schedule.  Mistakes can be made and things can get forgotten. As much as we understand this, there is nothing more gut wrenching than arriving at school to find your child waiting alone worrying about you or seeing your child get anxious because they haven’t understood homework.

mySircles allows you to send push notifications so you can message everyone within your child’s class in a single instant. There is always a parent who is ‘in the know’ and can easily answer your questions.  This makes situations like these less stressful. Your child will not be left alone nor will they need to feel anxious over homework because you can get help immediately with efficiency and speed.

Build a Support Network 

I do not believe we are meant to raise children alone, we are meant to live in communities alongside our own children with a network of people around us to support us throughout the parenting journey. 

Sadly though, so many of us do not live this way anymore. We move away from our roots and try to raise a family independently.  As someone who moved many times I know how important establishing a support network is in these circumstances. The truth is we can’t do this alone, from a logistical and emotional perspective,  it takes a village to raise a child.

mySircles gives you the opportunity to find your village and your tribe. To create meaningful connections that are based on the most important people in your lives; your children. You will be able to get help, support, simple questions answered, lifts arranged and such like but just as importantly you can feel genuinely connected with other parents.

The response we have had to mySircles has already been staggering and validated the need for a new and innovative system in our modern world. Lindey McCaig, in her role as chair of St Faith’s Parent Association understands its potential to change the way that things get done;

“Parents need to share information with other parents and with teachers – whether it is information about the school trip; a cancelled hockey match; a teacher’s end of term collection; a class party; or when volunteers are needed for the Summer Fete. There is a gap in the market for a tool which would work through all of these areas in one go – a single platform, it would transform how information is shared and used at school, and as a result would make my life both as a parent and as Chair of the PTA, much easier!”

Similarly.  Emma Joy-Staines, in her role has as PTA Chair of St Louis Catholic Academy believes there is huge potential for mySircles at her school;

“We are really excited about mySircles, it is such a fantastic platform for us to be able to finally connect with people we see every day at the school gate. We are equally excited about future development plans, such as recording our children’s journey through school! Huge, huge potential and we cannot wait to get started.”

mySircles went live at its first school earlier this year and will soon be available nationally.  You can be at the forefront of this revolution in communication. Here is a bonus QUIZ – ‘what kind of parent are you?’ Take the quiz and we will send you a summary of how parents everywhere are dealing with key issues when it comes to school-related matters.

Be one of the first and a pioneer in changing the way parents communicate. Are you ready to lead this transformation, will you help us to change the way parents connect forever?

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